Exhibition International Industrial Forum 20 - 23 November 2018 Ukraine, Kiev
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International Industrial Forum

Date:20-23 November 2018
 Ukraine, Kiev
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Statistics 2013 year

Number of exhibitors:430
Total area:17000 m2
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In frame of the Forum:
International Trade Fairs

  • Metal-Working (metal-working technologies and equipment)
    • universal metal-cutting machines and tools
    • universal processing centers
    • technologies and equipment for blanking production: foundry, press-forging, bending, metal processing by pressure etc.
    • sheet and rolled metal cutting equipment
    • equipment for electrical, galvanic, chemical metal processing
    • laser equipment and technologies
    • surface treatment
    • painting equipment
    • oils, cutting emulsions
    • deliveries and components
    • device-building
    • electric drives and reducers
    • researches, new technologies
    • equipment for technical rigging up
  • UkrMachTech (production technologies and equipment for machinery)
    • mining and power equipment
    • load-lifting equipment
    • ferrous, non-ferrous and powder metallurgy: equipment, rigging up, materials, mining, concentration, raw materials processing, production of metals and alloys, finished commodity
    • welding equipment, technologies and materials
    • equipment for thermal processing of plastics and rubber
    • industrial armature construction
    • assembling technologies and equipment
    • wireframe and assembling manufacturing
    • deliverables, technological rigging up, punchs, molds, devices, conveyor systems
    • bearings, metae
    • hydraulic and pneumatic in machine building
    • robotics, industrial automatic
    • automation of technological processes: process control systems, programmed numerical control systems, protective automation, cad/cam etc.
  • UkrWelding (technologies, equipment and materials)
  • equipment and technologies for welding and cutting
  • equipment for soldering, smeltery and related technologies
  • equipment for thermal processing of different materials and welded constructions
  • equipment and technologies of welding materials' production
  • instruments and materials for welding, cutting and soldering
  • automatization of welding processes
  • UkrPlastTech (equipment and technologies for plastics production and processing)
  • equipment and technologies of plastics and rubber production
  • equipment and technologies for production of plastic items
  • isnstruments and accessories for plastic materials' production
  • equipment, moulds and dies
  • raw and auxiliary materials
  • Hydraulics. Pneumatics
    • demonstration of technological possibilities of machine-building enterprises
    • investment projects
    • hydraulic, pneumatic, servodrives and electric drives
    • pneumatic, hydraulic and electric engines
    • pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders
    • pneumatic and hydraulic devices
    • pneumatic equipment and tools, pneumatic clappers
    • hydraulic boosters and distributive valves
    • reducers and motor reducers
    • high pressure hoses
    • sealing gaskets and connection elements
    • air compressor and vacuum equipment
  • Hoisting and Transporting, Storehouse Equipment
    • hoisting and transporting equipment
    • mobile hoisting machinery
    • unbreakable transfer machinery
    • storehouse machinery and equipment
    • details, components and spare parts
  • Patterns, Standards and Instruments (controlling and measuring instruments, laboratory and testing equipment, metrology and certification)
    • controlling and measuring apparatus and instruments
    • non-destructive control and hardware-aided diagnostics
    • testing laboratory measurement instruments and equipment
    • metrological equipment
    • anti-falsification technologies
    • consumer goods property investigation and evaluation, certification
    • scientific developments in the field of checking and testing
  • Industrial Safety (protection facilities and working area safety)
    • individual and collective protection means
    • overalls, safety shoes, togs
    • raw materials, spare parts, fabrics
    • heavy-duty outfit (high-altitude, underwater conditions, etc.)
    • working area safety guaranteeing equipment
    • fire-safe and explosive-proof equipment
    • gas control systems, signaling devices, radio activity meters
    • first medical aid equipment
    • labor protection board equipment
    • training and raise of professional skills
  • Subcontracts (partner's search for placing orders by kind of production, parts, components, wares)
    • demonstration of technological possibilities
    • investment projects
    • machine building: power, metallurgical, mining, chemical
    • motor-car construction
    • aircraft construction
    • shipbuilding
    • machine-tool construction
    • lifting-transport machinery
    • armature construction
    • services
    • engineering projects
    • metal construction manufacturing
    • non-standard equipment manufacturing
  • UkrUsedTech (secondhand equipment and machinery)
    • metallurgy industries equipment
    • metal-cutting machines, press and forge equipment, welding equipment
    • thermal processing of plastics and rubber equipment
    • chemical industries equipment
    • conversion techniques, equipment, outfit
    • load-lifting equipment, motor vehicles, road-making and other techniques and equipment
  • UkrPromAutomation (automation of the manufacture, the automated control systems of technological processes, automation of objects of the industry)
    • Industrial automation
    • Control systems of engineering processes
    • Engineering, exploitation, services in the domain of process control systems
    • Numerical control systems
    • CAD/CAM systems
    • Automatic control of industrial processes, controlling instruments and devices
    • Automation of industrial objects
  • Bearings (rolling and friction type bearings, free details: balls and rollers, clamping sleeves, technologies, tools and equipment for bearings manufacture)
    • rolling and friction type bearings
    • free details: balls and rollers
    • clamping sleeves
    • technologies, tools and equipment for bearings manufacture
*** Hotel Гостиница Затышок
Kiev, ул. Верховинная

Royal Hotel & Beauty Club de Paris
Kiev, ул. Большая Васильковская (Красноармейская), 5

Royal City Hotel (Роял Сити Готел)
Kiev, ул. Дмитриевская, 13-А

*** Hotel Гостиница Казацкая
Kiev, 01001, ул. Михайловская, 1/3

Hotel 11 Mirrors
Kiev, ул. Богдана Хмельницкого, 34А, Киев, 01030, Украина

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